Decadent. Perfection.
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Our Mission is to sell delicious and remarkable toffee and treats made of the highest standards of quality, freshness and seasonality.

Red Apron Toffee Co. is a Northern California-based family business started by the labors of love, sweets and popular demand. From a shared recipe that our mom doctored up to melt in the mouths of even the finest palate. We are a family business of all women who took our mom's flair for good recipes and ran with the one none of us could put down; Toffee. 

A great recipe turned to decadent perfection and in 2014 a business was born. Red Apron Toffee Co. is a powerhouse of a mom and her daughters who simply had to keep up with the holiday demand of a great recipe. We started out doing various craft and trade shows and have slowly expanded into other areas of opportunity thanks to the demand of our loyal customers. We started with our traditional blend of Belgium Milk and Dark Chocolate Toffee, then our White Chocolate Toffee, and over time, we added Peppermint and somewhere along the way we added Popcorn too. This year we have expanded our Toffeepop to a peppermint Toffeepop, which is sure to become another local favorite. Our mom, Ann, spends hours upon hours creating new ideas with a foundation recipe that will always aim to please. We hope you enjoy our toffee as much as we enjoy making it just for you.